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A Orangutan Attack on Man Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit

The video of a man getting too close to an orangutan being attacked has gone viral on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube.

A would-be social media celebrity learned an important lesson on Monday: don’t mess with an enraged ape. Hasanal Arifin climbed an enclosure fence at the Kasang Kulim Zoo in Indonesia’s Riau region, according to Newsflare. The 19-year-old is said to have mocked the resident orangutan, who then grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him toward the cage, as seen in a terrifying video that has racked up over 16.5 million views on Twitter alone.

Video Goes Viral After A Man Gets Too Close To An Orangutan

“The visitor wanted to make content without permission,” an enraged zookeeper, who only gave his first name, Ides, to the publication, said. “He got too close to the safety zone’s edge.” This is extremely dangerous and against the rules. We’ve already issued a warning to the man. Please adhere to the rules to the letter.”

When Arifin pulls his arm away, the ape grabs his shirt and drags him closer. Arifin jerks his arm away, only for the primate to grab his shirt and pull him closer. Footage of the incident, which appears to have first been posted on Reddit but went viral, shows Arifin jerking his arm away, only for the primate to grab his shirt and pull him closer. (An orangutan’s arms can grow to be 7 feet long, according to the World Wildlife Fund.) The orangutan eventually gains control of the teen’s legs and nearly topples him.

Ides remarked, “This was inexcusable, inexcusable behaviour.” “It also put his and other people’s lives in grave danger.” I’ve warned the staff that no guests will be given the opportunity to do so again.”

According to zoo employees, the prankster allegedly hopped the fence while they were on their lunch break.

Arifin was unharmed when he was rescued by a passer-by who alerted workers and managed to calm the beast until they arrived.

The zoo officials ejected the joker from the zoo and chastised him.

According to India Times, orangutans are normally non-aggressive toward humans despite being five to seven times stronger than humans.

“Search the internet for people who have been attacked by apes. They have the ability to rip you apart. “They begin with your face and hands,” one self-described monkey expert on Reddit said. Meanwhile, one astute Twitter user claimed to have pinpointed the exact moment in the video when the distressed teen’s rescuer can be heard passing gas, declaring, “I can’t unhear that.”

“He would have been fine in the grand scheme of things.” Orangutans are among the world’s most peaceful apes. Another social media commentator added, “There has never been a human death caused by an orangutan.”

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