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A French woman travels to Pakistan to marry her Lahore lover.

In an unusual occurrence, a French woman travelled all the way to Pakistan to marry a Lahore-based man.

Jaiman, a French woman, decided to marry Ali Raza, whom she met through social media. Their love for each other grew so strong that they both decided to marry him.

Jaiman is also expected to convert to Islam before marrying her life partner, according to reports. Zoya and her mother arrived in Pakistan under a new Islamic name. Close family members and Zoya’s mother attended their intimate nikkah ceremony, which was held at a local court.

There have been instances in the past when a Canadian and an American woman travelled all the way to Pakistan to marry their online lovers. An Indian woman who came to Pakistan to attend the traditional Besakhi festival married a Pakistani man and converted to Islam in April 2017.

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