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2nd Audio Leaked of PTI Chairman Imran Khan related to US cypher.

intentionally refers to the cypher as a letter and claims that this will make people confused

Just two days after an allegedly leaked audio of a conversation between former prime minister Imran Khan and his principal secretary Azam Khan surfaced online, the second segment of the conversation has also been made public.

This section appears to carry on the discussion from the first section, in which Imran discusses an alleged diplomatic cable that was sent from the Pakistani embassy in Washington to Islamabad using an encrypted code known as a “cypher,” and instructs his chief secretary to participate and make it appear as though a foreign conspiracy has taken place.

According to their vocal contributions in the most recent audio, former federal ministers for planning Asad Umar and Shah Mehmood Qureshi are also present in addition to Imran Khan and his principal secretary.

Imran said, “Shah jee, the meeting must take place tomorrow between the three of us and the foreign secretary.

We will need to insist on receiving minutes regarding the letter at that meeting, said Imran.

He said, “Azam has been requesting that we record the meeting and keep copies of it.

Azam Khan claimed the cypher arrived on the eighth or ninth.

Although the meeting was on the seventh, we won’t be taking American names. No names under any circumstances, he insisted.

He emphasised that no one should ever assume where the name of the nation that this letter is from.

Imran Khan stated, “I don’t want to hear from anyone’s mouth from which country this letter has come; it is very important for all of you.

His most trusted party members became suspicious and perplexed as a result of Imran’s assertion.

Asad Umar can be heard asking Imran, “Are you deliberately calling this a letter,” and adding, “Because this is not [a letter], it’s a transcript of a meeting.”

The public-savvy former prime minister stated, “Transcript or letter, they are the same thing, people won’t understand transcript, this is how you say in public rallies.”

US Cipher Leaks Part Two #AudioLeaks


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