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18-year-old Muskan marries 55-year-old Farooq Ahmed in Pakistan

Farooq Ahmed, 55, finds that Muskan, 18, and her rendition of “Na Milo Humse Zyada” from Bobby Deol’s film Badal, particularly touch his heart. The Pakistani couple’s love story went viral after content creator and Youtuber Syed Basit Ali conducted an interview with them and learned that they are inseparably linked in a “mohabbat ki shaadi.”

In Pakistan, Muskan, age 18, marries Farooq, age 55.

Muskan, a young woman of 18, fell in love with Farooq Ahmed, a 55-year-old man, over their shared love of music. Muskan later married Ahmed. When Youtuber and influencer Syed Basit Ali spoke with the “unique couple,” the strange love story from Pakistan came to light.

As Syed put it, “Samne wali khidki mein,” Farooq and Muskan are neighbors who live across from one another. The two became friends after the elderly man, who is musically obsessed, began to enjoy the teen’s singing.

He started paying her visits at her home, and the girl soon realized she had a thing for his voice. After a few meetings, she began giving him hints by repeatedly singing Na Milo Humse Zyada from the Hindi film “Badal,” which stars Bobby Deol and Rani Mukherjee.

According to the couple, Farooq initially liked Muskan more than he did him, but he soon grew fond of her as well. Their relationship persisted until the girl finally asked him out.

The neighbor admitted to having feelings for her as well, and the two later got married in a “Mohabbat Ki Shaadi,” which is a fancy way of saying they fell in love (which appears to have connotations).

The couple claimed, however, that every member of their friends’, families’, and neighbors’ families opposed their relationship and subsequent union. Nevertheless, they are happily united despite all the social stigma and condemnation from society.

Farooq, who had never been married before, views Muskan’s existence as a gift from God. Both lovers declare that, if necessary, they would do anything for the other, even “give their life.”


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