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15years Aditya Tiwari Murdered for Standing Up to Sexual Harassers

Aditya Tiwari, 15, was fatally stabbed after speaking out against a group of young men who were sexually harassing female students.

A group of young men fatally stabbed Aditya Tiwari, a teenager, in an incident that shocked Bihar.

The 15-year-old was stabbed multiple times in the Chhapra district of the state after the group broke into his school and attacked him in front of horrified pupils and teachers.

He is thought to have been attacked for speaking out against the men who were sexually harassing the female students.

In a complaint submitted by mother Anita Devi, the three defendants allegedly made lewd comments to female students on their way to school.

Aditya witnessed the three men harassing one of his classmates sexually the day before the stabbing.

He approached the group and reprimanded them for their actions.

Aditya and the primary suspect Sahil wound up fighting. After that, in front of his classmates, Sahil made a death threat against the teenager.

On September 21, 2022, Sahil uploaded a Facebook Story that gave away the fact that he would commit a crime two hours before it happened.

Aditya had just finished a test when he left the classroom at 11 a.m.

Sahil, Taif, and Arshad, along with four other harassers, broke into the school and surrounded Aditya.

Sahil repeatedly stabbed Aditya in front of the teachers and students before the seven assailants ran away.

Aditya was taken to a hospital by staff members who jumped into action to assist him. But he passed away in transit.

Locals took to the streets to call for the suspects’ immediate arrests as soon as word of the murder spread.

Additionally, angry locals vandalized the school and threatened the teachers.

Aditya’s family and friends used social media to call for justice, which caused the hashtag #JusticeForAditya to trend on Twitter.

Aditya displayed courage in defending his female classmates who were being sexually harassed by the suspects, as many Twitter users noted.

Some people criticized the police for doing nothing.

Aditya’s older brother reportedly served in the military. Aditya Tiwari aspired to join the military as well.

People are requesting that the case be transferred to the CBI due to the lack of police action.

According to reports, teachers at the school have stopped going there in protest of the brutal murder and the lack of security.

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