Zoya Nasir Or Christian Betzmann, Who Left Whom?

Zoya Nasir Or Christian Betzmann, Who Left Whom?

Recently, Pakistani actress Zoya Nasir broke off her engagement to German Vlogger Christian Betzmann over statements he made against Palestine and Israel.

However, netizens were curious as to who had left whom; was it Zoya’s decision or Christian’s?

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Well, the YouTuber and Vlogger has revealed everything in response to one of the social media followers who attempted to console him at this terrible period.

According to Chrisitan, he was the one who broke up with Zoya.

Zoya revealed her split on Instagram earlier that day, on May 22nd.

I regret to inform you that Christian Betzmann and I are no longer engaged to be married.
His abrupt shift in attitude toward my culture, nation, and people, as well as his insensitivity to my faith, has compelled me to make this tough and irreversible decision.

Certain religious and societal borders cannot be violated under any circumstances, therefore the choice to separate ways.

We must continually maintain the values of humility, tolerance, and respect for one another. I pray to Allah to give me the strength to deal with this worldly emotional ruin.
I wish Chris a prosperous and happy future.

I humbly need space and privacy for myself and my family as we begin to work through this emotional upheaval.

Christian Betzmann, on the other hand, stated his position on the breakup on May 23rd.

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