Zakir Jaffer lawyer request for in Camera Proceedings

Zakir Jaffer lawyer request for in Camera Proceedings

The most recent short video / vlog in the Full HD episode of ” Saqib Bashir “ The subject of today’s video clips / vlog is

” Big development in Noor Muqaddam case | Zakir Jaffer’s lawyer request for in camera proceedings “

This is not the same as yesterday’s problem.

نور مقدم قتل کیس ٹرائل کے پہلے روز ہی عجیب ہو گیا
ذاکر جعفر نے کیس میڈیا سے دور رکھنے کی ٹھان لی
آج سماعت کا آنکھوں دیکھا احوال سنیں
کورٹ رپورٹر ثاقب بشیر کی زبانی

Noor Muqaddam murder case became strange on the first day of trial
Zakir Jaffer decided to keep the case away from the media
Listen to the eye-witness account of today’s hearing
Oral by Court Reporter Saqib Bashir

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