Zahir Jaffer has denied confessed to killing Noor Mukadam

Zahir Jaffer has denied confessed to killing Noor Mukadam

The alleged murderer of Noor Mukadam has accused her father, Shaukat Mukadam, of incriminating him in the murder.

According to the police challan, Zahir Jaffer admitted to murdering Noor Mukadam for rejecting his marriage proposal. However, the accused retracted his confession when recording his testimony under Section 342 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).

On Monday, the main accused gave his written statement to the court.

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“I want to bring on record that I am innocent in this matter and that I, along with other co-accused, have been fraudulently entrapped in this case in order to rescue the genuine criminals,” the statement said.

“I and Noor Mukadam were dear friends who had been living together with mutual permission for several years,” he said. Both families were aware of the situation, yet they never objected. Noor attended our family festivities and events, and I used to attend her family functions and activities as if I were a family member. Six months before to the sad situation, I and Noor were not on speaking terms, and on July 18, 2021, Noor herself made contact with me and requested that we arrange a drug party. She wanted to invite her pals to the celebration as well.”

He indicated that his ticket to America was confirmed for July 19, 2021, and that he and Noor left the house in the night of July 19 in a cab for the airport, but Noor insisted on abandoning the trip.”

Noor invited her friends to a party on July 20 in the afternoon, and her friends arrived to my place.

“I became highly intoxicated by the drugs, and all of the other participants, including Noor, were also heavily intoxicated” (the report of forensic histopathology verifies this fact which the prosecution itself relied on in his evidence). I lost my senses, and when I regained them, I was in a comatose state in my living room’s sofa. I raised a commotion, and other people in police uniforms and civic clothing came to my aid. “I learned that Noor had been slain by one of the participants,” the statement said.

According to the statement, Shaukat Mukadam is a powerful individual who conducted a news conference with Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Shahbaz Gill.

“Pseudo social media activists and feminist loving organisations launched a massive nasty campaign against me and my family in order to achieve their malicious goals and make money.” My court case is still ongoing, but parody social media activists and self-proclaimed feminists have begun calling for my execution without giving me the opportunity to establish my innocence via legitimate means.

“I, too, am a severe drug psychosis sufferer who has had therapy in Pakistan and overseas.” Several requests were made to the trial court and prison officials during the trial for my medical checkup and the formation of a board, but the prison authorities, owing to the influence of Shaukat Mukadam and state machinery, did not give health facilities to the undersigned/accused.”

The accused alleged that the majority of the prosecution evidence against him was created, tampered with, doctored, or otherwise illegal. “As indicated above, my parents and I are innocent in this matter, but owing to the complainant’s influence and the indulgence of state stakeholders, I have been implicated in the case to usurp money.”

The attorney representing Zahir Jaffer finished his remarks, and the case was delayed until February 16.

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