Zahir Jaffer drama Reality Out

Zahir Jaffer drama Reality Out

Zahir Jaffer was brought to court by officers in the Noor murder case, and his lawyer claims his mental state has ‘worsened.’

During a hearing in an Islamabad district and sessions court on Monday, policemen carried Zahir Jaffer, the primary accused in the Noor Mukadam murder case, on a chair to the courtroom from the bakshi khana — a temporary lockup located in district courts for under-trial prisoners — with his lawyer contending that his mental condition had “worsened.”

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Because the accused’s attorney, Advocate Sikandar Zulqarnain Saleem, did not attend in court today, Zahir was represented by junior lawyer Usman Riaz Gul. He then joined the hearing via video link.

Prior to his arrival, Gul called the court’s notice to Zahir’s absence from the hearing.

“I have stated thrice that primary accused Zahir Jaffer has not been produced [before the court].”

When the court took notice of Zahir’s absence, Akram Qureshi, counsel for Therapyworks owner Tahir Zahoor, a co-accused in the case, informed him that Zahir was not in a condition to move.

At that point, Judge Rabbani mentioned that he had issued a letter to the jail officials instructing them to get Zahir’s medical check-up done.

Zahir, who was seen sitting bent down in a chair, was eventually taken to the courtroom by police officers.

“The mental condition of the accused has worsened,” said Gul, upon Zahir’s arrival.

Judge Rabbani then stated again that he had sent a letter to jail officials directing them to Zahir’s medical check-up.

After that, Zahir was returned to the bakhshi khana.

Meanwhile, back in court, Gul asked the judge to issue a formal order directing Zahir’s medical examination and treatment.

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