Zahir Jaffer ‘denies’ murdering Noor Muqqadam.

Zahir Jaffer 'denies' murdering Noor Muqqadam.

The primary accused in the Noor Muqqadam murder case, Zahir Jaffer, has told the trial court that he did not kill the 27-year-old female and was only involved in the case because it occurred at his apartment.

In his response to a questionnaire provided through his attorney Usman Gul under Section 342 of the Criminal Code, the main accused further asked to be permitted to present evidence in his defence before the court.

When Additional Sessions Judge Atta Rabbani took up the matter for hearing, the chief suspect and other accused appeared in court.

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In his response, the primary accused, Zahir Jaffar, stated that Noor Muqqadam came to his residence on July 20 with other companions for a “drug party.” He said that his parents and other family members were in Karachi for Eid, leaving him alone at home.

“When the party started, everyone of my friends, including the victim (Noor), consumed drugs,” Zahir claimed, adding that he lost consciousness due to heavy drug use and that when he regained consciousness hours later, he found himself confined in his lounge.

According to the main accused, he was rescued after hours by uniformed police officers and civilians.

In his response, Zahir Jaffer stated that he had a lengthy acquaintance with Noor Muqaddam and that their families knew one other. “Noor Muqqadam and I had a living relationship,” he explained, adding that he hadn’t spoken to her in six months before she paid him a visit on July 18, 2021.

“On July 18, Noor Muqqadam came to my house with drugs and invited me to a drug party, which I declined. She also invited a couple of her pals, who showed up and participated in the drug party at my house. On July 19, I was scheduled to go to the United States. That day, I departed for the airport from my house. “Noor Muqqadam had pleaded with me to cancel my flight because she wanted to fly to America with me,” the main accused stated, adding that she had also called several friends to gather ticket money for this reason.

“My parents and I are being mentioned in this lawsuit simply because this terrible incidence occurred at my residence,” he explained, adding that the DNA test came back positive because “we were both in a consenting physical relationship.”

According to the medical report, a chemical induced by excessive drug use was also identified in the victim’s samples. Zahir Jaffer went on to say that he was implicated because the complainant was influential. “The governmental apparatus is being deployed relentlessly against me.” Plaintiff Shaukat Muqaddam is a powerful individual. “He colluded with the police to construct a fake case against me,” the primary accused stated.

On Wednesday, the attorneys for all of the defendants filed their responses under Section 342. Section 342 responses were made on behalf of accused watchman Iftikhar, gardener Muhammad Jan, and outside servant Jamil. They stated that they did not wish to call any witnesses or make any statements in their defence and maintained that they were innocent.

He stated that he was not the gatekeeper at the residence and that he did not lock the gate. “I did not physically or verbally stop Noor Muqqaddam,” he testified, adding, “I never made a single call to Zakir Jaffar and Ismat Zakir.”

Accused Noor Muqqadam, according to Jamil, was a frequent at the residence. She was not abducted or imprisoned. Noor Muqqadam continued returning to the residence where the event occurred, he claimed, adding that he knew nothing about the murder.

He went on to say that the evidence offered in the record was malicious. “Four days later, on July 24, I was purposefully caught.” I don’t know anything about the data mentioned in the CDR. “The investigating officer purposefully confined myself and the other employees,” he said.

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