Zahir Jaffer Case New Latest Updates

Zahir Jaffer Case New Latest Updates

This latest video / vlog was live streamed / telecast today in Zunaira Mahum Full HD. The video clips / vlog Today’s theme: ” #zahirjaffer #asmatadamjee #zakirjaffer
Zahir Jaffer Noor Muqadam Case New Latest Updates | Zahir Jaffer Walida Ka Khana Khany Se Inkar “


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The most recent update in “NOOR MUKADAM CASE is Family of Zahir Jaffer press conference by Sania Sattar”. Sania Sattar Islamabad is family friend of Zahir Jaffer mother Asmat adamjee, Sania Sattar Press Conference left so many questions unanswered. Who Is Sania Sattar who held a press conference in support of Zahir Jaffer’s parents. Zahir Jaffer is currently being held in judicial remand and was taken to PIMS for a mere headache. After the uproar on social media regarding the accused of Noor Mukadam getting preferential treatment, another announcement has come to light. The Jail Minister has ordered the jail authorities to rescind all the preferential facilities given to Zahir. Moreover, he has also been shifted to solitary confinement at Adiala Jail. A number of Pakistanis were closely following the gruesome murder of Noor Mukadam only to ensure that the suspect gets the punishment he deserves. Unfortunately, the legal proceedings keep getting delayed which is leading to the waning interest in people. Could this be that the influentials are trying to delay the matter so that everyone forgets about it and then let the suspected murderer go with a shortened sentence? We do not know that. But we do know that the primary accused, being the son of an influential family, is enjoying the privileged treatment. Zahir Jaffer, the accused in question, complaint of a mere headache and was taken to a hospital for a checkup. Considering this happened two days ago and you did not see it much on media is proof why we need to keep talking about Noor Mukadam. The moment we stop talking, the influentials will start getting away with something as cruel as murder and decapitation.
during a local court hearing on the post-arrest bail petition of the parents of Zahir Jaffer, the suspect’s father, said, “We are not with our son, we stand with the victim’s family.”
Moreover, the parents’ counsel, Rizwan Abbasi, appraised the court that his clients were made part of the case on the basis of the suspect, Zahir Jaffer’s statement.
Rizwan Abbasi stated that his clients were unaware of the incident, adding that neither did they hide nor provide any wrong information to the authorities.
However, the public prosecutor also told the court that the suspect was in contact with his mother during that time but she did not tell the police.
Abbasi then replied and said that the telephonic contact between Zahir and his mother is not a crime to which the public prosecutor said that the pistol which was recovered from the suspect was issued under the name of the suspect’s father, Zakir Jaffer.
He also added that the suspect had made phone calls to his father and mother at around 3 pm on July 20. It was the time when Noor Mukadam was with Zahir Jaffer, the lawyer said, adding that later she had been killed.

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