Zahir Jaffer accuses Noor Mukadam family of framing him for murder

Zahir Jaffer accuses Noor Mukadam family

According to the prime accused, he is still receiving treatment in the United States for drug addiction.

Zahir Jaffer, the principal accused in the Noor Mukadam murder case, denied the allegations against him on Monday, saying the deceased’s family was attempting to frame him in order to extract money from his “wealthy family.”

In a written statement provided to the court, Zahir Jaffer claimed that he did not murder Noor and levelled a number of claims against Noor and her father, Shaukat Mukadam.

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Zahir Jaffer also included medical records, news clips, and a USB drive with his statement. He said he and Noor were in a “consensual relationship,” and that proof was filmed on a USB.

The principal accused went on to say that he had been receiving therapy in the United States and Pakistan as a result of his drug usage, and that a medical record was attached to his testimony to back up his allegation.

“The petitioner, Shaukat Mukadam, wants money from us, and as a result, he and police officials fabricated a case against me and my family,” the statement alleged.

Mukadam and his relatives were at the crime scene before the police, according to Zahir Jaffer, but his relatives were not included in the investigation. He further stated that the cops shut off Noor’s phone in order to “hide up the phone calls she made to her pals concerning a drug party.”

“If the police had included the persons who attended in the investigation, there would have been no case against me,” Zahir Jaffer added. He also accused social media activists and women’s rights activists of mounting a campaign against him for “vested interests” and “money.”

“My case is still in court, but they want me to be hung,” he stated.

Zahir further stated that Noor’s phone records given to the court did not include data after 10.46 a.m. on July 20. He said that this information was omitted in order to protect the persons who attended the supposed party.

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