Young couple Asad and Nimra speaks up on their marriage at an early age

Young couple Asad and Nimra speaks up on their marriage at an early age

In an exclusive interview given to Urdu Point by a young couple who has gained fame on social media, Asad says that the two of us met at the wedding of elder sister last year, then decided that they would marry and will continue studying afterward. The family did not initially agree but after the talk, they agreed.

According to details, there have been photos of a married young couple from the past day, which has been circulating all over social media. It is reported that the bride’s name is Nimra and the groom’s name is Asad, who has recently married. Now the young couple Asad and Nimra have given an exclusive interview to Urdu Point.

In an interview with Urdu Point, Asad said that Nimra and he met at his elder sister’s wedding last year. There they liked each other and decided that the two would marry each other. Asad says that after meeting last year, he had moved to Muscat, where it was difficult for him to stay without Nimra, and then talked to his parents about marriage.

Parents initially said that they should complete their education first and then get married. On that, I said that education can be done after marriage, on which the parents agreed. Nimra says she was not ready for marriage at this age. When Asad talked about marriage, I said that this age is not good for marriage, let us wait. However, Asad was stubbornly trying to get married, after which I said yes.

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