Will not accept an imported Govt; be prepared for call to Islamabad: Imran Khan

Will not accept an imported Govt

Imran Khan, the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), reiterated on Thursday that he would never accept the incumbent government’s ‘foreign slaves.’

The ousted prime minister told a political gathering in Lahore that he would announce a future course of action because he was not ready to accept the new government.

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“They bought legislators’ consciences and polished foreign powers’ boots to gain power,” the PTI chairman said. “Those who should have been imprisoned are now in positions of power.”

Imran Khan stated, while explaining why a “foreign conspiracy” was hatched against him, that it was his goal from the day he took power to give Pakistan an independent foreign policy.

“An independent foreign policy entails that all decisions are made in the people’s best interests.” He vowed, “I will not sacrifice my countrymen for a foreign power.”

The PTI chairman claimed that the incumbent rulers were always obedient to foreign powers, but he did not, earning their wrath.

Visit by Russians

Imran Khan also stated that he intends to raise the issue of Islamophobia at every international forum because the Muslim population in other countries is being harassed. Foreign powers were also concerned about his attitude of “not taking dictation from anyone” and questioned his visit to Russia.

The PTI chairman defended his trip to Russia, claiming that Moscow was willing to sell Pakistan petroleum products at a 30% discount to international prices.

“We could sell petrol and Fazlur Rehman (diesel) for 30% less,” the ex-premier joked, referring to the JUI-F leader. “We were also interested in 2 million tonnes of wheat stock from Russia, which was offered at a 20% discount.” I could have reduced inflation by importing Russian goods.”

He went on to say that the US had asked India not to import oil from Russia, but New Delhi had told Washington that it was in their country’s best interests to do so.

“India, like the United States, was a close ally, but it bought oil from Russia.” The US had also pressured India to cut ties with Russia, but New Delhi refused, saying, “We will keep our ties with Russia for the sake of our country.”

“It means that India’s foreign policy serves the interests of its citizens, whereas our foreign policy serves the goals of another country,” the PTI chairman explained.

Foreign powers, he claimed, did not like him increasing trade with China. “A conspiracy was planned because they didn’t like all of these things,” he explained.

Foreign funding commission

He claimed that the current government, which is made up of three stooges: Shehbaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari, and Fazlur Rehman, fully supported the foreign plot. He claimed that his government was deposed at a time when the country was making progress.

In response to the Toshakhana controversy, he stated that previous governments would purchase items from the Toshakhana for 15% of the original cost, but that this was increased to 50%. “Everything I bought is on record,” he said, “and everything was done in accordance with the law.”

Imran Khan claimed that he paid for the road outside his house with his own money. “I am responsible for my own expenses.” No other prime minister in Pakistan’s history, according to the PTI chairman, has spent so little on himself.

He suggested forming a commission to investigate allegations of foreign funding against the PML-N and PPP. “CEC Sultan Raja should be a political party position,” he said, adding that they will not accept anything less than a thorough investigation of all parties.

Call to Islamabad

Pakistanis should prepare to launch a campaign for “true independence” and await his call to Islamabad, he said. “The actual party has only just begun; our campaign will become more intense […] wait for my call.” “I don’t want anything else than early elections,” the ex-prime minister told the Lahore jalsa, urging those who had made a mistake to hold elections as soon as possible.

He came to the conclusion that the country needed to hold elections right away. He asked his supporters to mark the 27th of Ramazan as Day of Gratitude, and said he would call them soon to invite them to Islamabad.

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