Why Meghan Markle skipped the VAX Live concert

Why Meghan Markle skipped the VAX Live concert

Meghan Markle did not attend the VAX Live concert on Sunday, leaving Prince Harry to attend on his own.

The Global Citizen’s Vax Live: A Reunion Concert The World viewers will not be able to see the Duchess in person at the pre-recorded broadcast, since she is a co-chair of it.

This is due to Meghan becoming heavily pregnant with her second child and missing Prince Philip’s funeral last month.
With COVID present, it’s likely she doesn’t want to jeopardise her or her baby’s lives.
It is unknown whether Meghan and Harry have had their COVID vaccine.

Meanwhile, the CDC states that it is safe for pregnant women, such as Meghan, to receive a COVID-19 vaccine if they so choose.

While her due date has not been announced, a Page Six article claims she will take maternity leave in late May.

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