Who is Murad Saeed

Murad Saeed (Politician)

Article Upload Date: Thu 20 Jun 2019

Murad Saeed is a Pakistani politician

A poet whose verses will reflect innocent dreams that are innocent, a debate who will always end his speech in hopes. An environmental lover by the profession, for the famous Peshawar University students, the reality emerged as a total surprise with a movement for the recovery of justice in early 2007 and later as an emergency surprise imposed in November 2007 by the President – Musharaf. Murad decided to realize his words and aim to fight for the survival of the hopes he had given through his speech. November 22, 2007 was when he began to collect the same-minded students under the ‘Insaf’ flag at the University of Peshawar. Date ‘is now marked as an Inception Day of the Student Federation of Inceats. Immediately the movement reaches every corner and corner of the province.

He served as provincial president for Isf Khyber Pukhtunkhwa until 2010. Appointed as youth secretary, PTI Youth Wing KPK. Central Executive Board Member, Pakistan Tearek-e-Casa, Council of Advisory Chair and ‘Cell Monitoring of the Chair’ of PTI in 2011. Murad is the youngest contestant for the Provincial President-Ship KPK in the 2013 Intra-Party Election and recently chosen as a Assembly National member of the PTI ticket from the NA-29 SWAT-1 with an extraordinary mandate of 89,000 votes; The biggest ever in a long history of SWAT 44 years. Become the youngest member of the house and Pakistani political history.