What Maryam Nawaz Said To Asif Zardari

What Maryam Nawaz Said To Asif Zardari

The latest short video / vlog in “Capital TV” Full HD episode.today’s video clips / vlog topic: “What Maryam Nawaz Said To Asif Zardari When He Asked Nawaz Sharif To Return Pakistan” This is a different issue of yesterday.

Mian Sahib, please visit Pakistan, the points of discussion came to the fore in the PDM summit of Asif Ali Zardari

This is not the first time that democratic forces have faced rigging, Asif Ali Zardari said in the context of Senate elections.

I have spent 14 years of my life in jail, Asif Zardari, sources

Mian Sahib please visit Pakistan, we fought Senate elections and Senator Ishaq Dar did not come to vote, Asif Zardari, sources

If we have to fight, we will all have to go to jail, Asif Zardari addressed Nawaz Sharif

When Shaheed Bibi came home in 1986 and 2007, we mobilized the whole country, Asif Zardari addressed Nawaz Sharif.

We have to plan the long march in the same way as we did on the arrival of Shaheed Bibi in 1986 and 2007, Asif Zardari, sources said.

I have no fear of the Establishment but the struggle against the Establishment should be for the strengthening of democratic institutions instead of personal animosity, Asif Zardari, sources said.

Mian Sahib, how will you solve public problems? You did not increase salaries during your tenure, I did increase salaries during my tenure, Asif Zardari, sources

If Nawaz Sharif is ready for war, be it a long march or a matter of no-confidence, he will have to return home: Asif Zardari

I am ready for war but maybe my domicile is different, Mian Sahib you represent Punjab, Asif Zardari, sources

I gave powers to the parliament, Asif Zardari’s speech at the PDM summit

I passed the 18th Amendment and the NFC which punished me and my party, Asif Zardari, sources

We are ready to struggle till our last breath, Asif Zardari, sources

Leaving the assemblies is tantamount to strengthening the Establishment and Imran Khan, Asif Zardari, sources said

Don’t make decisions that will divert our path, says Asif Zardari in PDM summit

The benefit of our anarchy will benefit the enemies of democracy, Asif Zardari, sources

Pakistan Peoples Party is a democratic party, we do not fight from the mountains but in parliament, Asif Zardari, sources

Mian Sahib, if you want to resign, not only us but everyone will have to go to jail, Asif Zardari, sources

Mr. Nawaz Sharif! Come back home with Ishaq Dar, we will fight together, Asif Zardari, sources

Mian Sahib, when you return home, we will submit your resignation to you, Asif Zardari, sources

Maryam Nawaz’s reply to Asif Ali Zardari

I am here of my own free will, Maryam Nawaz

Just like you are on the video link, Mian Sahib is also on the video link

Mian Sahib’s life is in danger in NAB custody: Maryam Nawaz

My father has had two heart attacks in jail, Maryam Nawaz

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