What is the Relationship in both Fazeela Abbasi and Turgut ALP?

Fazeela Abbasi and Turgut ALP

The selfie of Dr. Fazeela Abbasi, the sister of Hamza Ali Abbasi, a well-known actor and host of Pakistan Showbiz Industry, and Genghis Joshkun, a well-known Turkish actor, has gone viral on the internet.

Sister Hamza Ali Abbasi Fazeela Abbasi has shared a selfie on the Instagram account where it can be seen in the Turkish series ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ with Jenghis actor Joshkun, who plays the historical role of Turgut Soldier Baufa.

Fazeela Abbasi’s selfie has gone viral on the internet, and fans have commented on it, expressing surprise.

Fans were shocked after they saw Fazeela Abbasi with Genghis Joshqun and finally asked as to what was going on between them. Some fans are now criticising Fazeela for standing so close to Genghis Khan.

Some netizens are condemning the negative remarks while supporting Fazeela Abbasi and Genghis Joshqun. According to Instagram users, both Fazeela Abbasi and Genghis are married or engaged. It is not appropriate to pair.

Fazeela Abbasi’s caption for her photo,

“Preparations are underway for a photo shoot with the brand ambassador of the men’s skin care line opened by her. Stay in touch for more information.” ‘

It should be noted that Hamza Ali Abbasi’s sister Fazeela Abbasi is a skin specialist by profession and intends to open her own skin care line in Pakistan including Dubai.

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