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Only F is a position that has given many people a lot of money globally. Many users of this platform have quickly transformed their careers from nothing to something incredible. Online, there are a lot of models who have transitioned from their regular influencer jobs to this field. Many people from the adul*t industry have also relocated here for the money, in addition to the celebrities and influencers who sell their priva*te tapes on this platform for exorbitant prices.

One such model whose career we’ll discuss here is Francia James, a former adul*t actress, and model who is currently a star of Only F.

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Francia James: bio and Wikipedia

An adul*t magazine hired Francia James, a well-known adul*t actress, and model. Francia previously held a paid position with the adul*t magazine Playboy. Before 2020 Francia joined Only F, she mentioned that she was a playboy club member and that she worked in the industry, but she always yearned for a larger salary than she was receiving from the magazine.

Francia mentioned that the magazine does not pay the models enough to live up to their expectations when the current Only F model spilled the beans about her journey and the magazine.

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In one of the interviews, Francia mentions that she wanted to have money and wanted to make more money when asked about her choice to leave the magazine and the adul*t industry. Francia mentioned that she was from a small, impoverished family in Colombia and that she wished to increase her income.

She mentioned that she wanted to work in the adul*t industry and playboy magazine because she believed the latter would pay her more, but that wasn’t the case in the later minutes of the interview. Francia made it clear that while the magazine was paying her, it wasn’t enough for her to save and find a place to live.

In her statements, Francia said she wished to purchase a home and get away from the same figures for which she is being paid. She says in her interview that she looked into Only F because she wanted to buy a house and get paid more.

The model then gave up modeling and applied for the Only F position. She added that she joined the platform two years ago and that today, with many followers and, most importantly, a payout that allows her to live out her dreams and earn a sizeable sum, she is one of the platform’s top models. Francia says she used that money to help her mother get a house.

Francia also claims to have purchased homes for two of her sisters as well as for herself and another. She currently resides in South Florida.

She continued by saying that this platform had so far enabled her to obtain substantial income as well as her own home. She also has hundreds of followers on other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Francia has posted the 500 images you see above to her 11.4 million followers on Instagram. The model follows 330 accounts on Twitter, where she has over 4,000 followers. On her Only F account, she has 69.5k followers.

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