What is Corona? And Definition of Corona Meaning ?

What is Corona? And Definition of Corona Meaning ?


Corona is a luminous envelope of plasma that surrounds the Sun and different celestial bodies. It is prolonged to tens of millions of kilometres into house and is in many instances considered all through a complete photo voltaic eclipse. The extreme temperature of the Sun’s corona is due to the presence of especially ionized ions which supply it a spectral feature.


The corona of the Sun is tons hotter than its seen surface. The corona is now not evenly allotted throughout the floor of the Sun and is targeted extra alongside the equatorial lines. The count in the exterior phase of the ecosystem of the Sun is composed of plasma which has very low density. The composition of the corona is the equal as the indoors of the Sun, basically made up of hydrogen however ionized form. Thus, it carries electrons and protons in the equal composition alongside with other atoms. The corona emits radiations that can solely be determined from area and are typically in the structure of X-rays.

Roman Urdu Word: Roshni Ka Hala
English Word: Corona
Urdu Meaning: روشنی کا ہالہ
Roshni Ka Hala: روشنی کا ہالہ

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