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What Happened To Famous Model Nayab Nadeem?

    What Happened To Famous Model Nayab Nadeem?

    Nayab Nadeem murder case: Police include model’s close friends in probe
    LAHORE: Police have decided to expand the scope of murder probe of model Nayab Nadeem by including her close friends in the investigation as well.

    Nayab, a Lahore-based model, was found dead at her residence in Lahore’s Defence B area on Sunday.

    What Happened To Famous Model Nayab Nadeem?

    The 29-year-old model was strangulated, police had said, adding that unidentified men had also subjected her to torture. Nayab lived alone at her residence.

    Police said the murderer had taken the slain model’s phone with him and had escaped from the backside of the house.

    “After [scrutinising] the phone details, her close friends have been included in the investigation,” said police.

    Police delved into details of the case, revealing that her body was found on the floor inside her residence and that the model had been strangled.

    “The deceased had returned to Lahore from Dubai recently,” confirmed police, adding that her body had been handed back to her relatives after conducting a postmortem.

    Police said the suspect, after killing her, tried to paint it as a rape-and-murder crime.

    Stepbrother finds model dead
    Police said they had filed a case on the complaint of Nayab’s stepbrother Mohammad Ali, who stated that he had found her body lying on the floor when he came to visit her.

    Police said there were marks on her neck, while the Punjab Forensic Science Agency experts had also arrived at the murder site to collect samples from the crime scene.

    Police had said there are no signs that indicate a robbery had taken place in the house, police had said.

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