WATCH: Minister Zartaj Gul Video Went Viral on Twitter, Reddit

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Zartaj Gul Video Went Viral on Twitter, Reddit

WATCH: Zartaj Gul’s Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit:

Greetings from our end, this is to inform you that a video is going viral on social media, and that video is solely responsible for bringing PTI Minister Zartaj Gul into the media spotlight. As we have seen a number of s***candals involving Pakistan’s ministers in recent months, this video is said to be the most talked-about sc***andal of the year in Pakistan.

People have been wondering if the viral video is of PTI Minister Zartaj Gul or if it is a tapered and well-crafted video designed to tarnish the politician’s image. Today, we will investigate this matter and also discuss Zartaj Gul’s personal information, as she has become the talk of the town. Please see the following section to learn more about her.

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Zartaj Gul Video Exposed

According to the report, prior to this s***candal, we witnessed Muhammad Zubair’s sc***andal, and now we have Zartaj Gul’s sc***andal. To quell people’s concerns about this ongoing viral M*MS, we conducted a thorough investigation to determine whether it is a genuine clip or a tampered video shared by Zartaj Gul’s detractors in order to harm her image and political career. There is no doubt that Zartaj Gul has a number of opponents and supporters in her country, and it would not be surprising if any of them is involved in this conspiracy.

Zartaj Gul’s Video Was L***eaked on Twitter

Zartaj Gul has addressed the issue, claiming that the ongoing viral M*MS was staged to smear her reputation. However, we discovered some erroneous motion pictures in the viral M*MS. We concluded that the ongoing viral video is not real and was created solely to smear her reputation. Please see the following section to learn more about her personal information.

Zartaj Gul Video Explanation

Zartaj Gul, according to reports, has been the Minister of State for Local Weather Change since October 5, 2018. Zartaj Gul was appointed Minister of State for the aforementioned category in 2018, when Imran Khan assumed control of Pakistan after being elected Prime Minister. Zartaj Gul served in Imran Khan’s cabinet. Zartaj Gul was born in Bannu and Miramshah and later moved to Lahore with her family. Zartaj Gul recently graduated from the National Faculty of Arts.

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