Video Viral: Bride’s Family Beats Up The Groom

Video Viral: Bride’s Family Beats Up The Groom

The subcontinent has a centuries-old custom of bestowing dowry on the bride during her wedding. In the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the bride’s family members assaulted the groom after being compelled to pay dowry.

According to an Indian media site, the bride’s family had already paid INR3 lacs in dowry, along with a diamond ring for INR1 lacs.

At the time of the nikah, the bride’s family was requested to pay an extra payment of INR10 lacs. In Pakistani rupees, the sum is about Rs31 lacs.

The groom’s father threatened to cancel the wedding unless the money was paid, but the bride’s male relatives tried to persuade them otherwise. The situation, however, deteriorated, and they began to assault the groom.

A video surfaced on social media showing members of the bride’s family beating and assaulting members of the groom’s family. Meanwhile, the groom’s family was able to flee. A woman subsequently appears in the video to protect the groom from being beaten up, as a police officer stands by him.

Among all the turmoil, wedding guests were seen taping the scandalous affair. According to the bride’s family members, the guy has also married many times.

Take a look at the following video:

Earlier this year, a 23-year-old female produced a video before committing suicide in a really horrific and heartbreaking situation. Her husband and in-laws’ dowry demands drove her to commit suicide.

As part of the marriage, the bride’s parents are supposed to gift cash, jewellery, or clothing to the groom’s family. It can be found at all levels of our society.

Brides who do not satisfy their in-laws’ dowry requirements are frequently ridiculed and physically beaten. Brides have been murdered in some circumstances. While some girls remain unmarried, other families make large debts to meet dowry expectations.

What appears to be a ticket to a new life can sometimes turn out to be a life of forced labour, spousal violence, or worse. Suitors may steal dowry money and abandon their spouses in distant nations. In reality, in the most extreme circumstances, brides are forced into slavery or human trafficking.

In a recent example in Pakistan, a guy fled to a foreign nation after obtaining dowry. The woman described her storey, fully exposing her fraudulent marriage, spouse, and in-laws.

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