Usman Mirza Challan He confessed | Police failed about 3 persons

Usman Mirza Challan He confessed

The most recent short video / vlog in the Full HD episode of ” Saqib Bashir “ The subject of today’s video clips / vlog is

” 1/2 Exclusive detail of Usman Mirza Challan | Usman Mirza confessed | Police failed about 3 persons “

This is not the same as yesterday’s problem.

مرکزی ملزم عثمان مرزا کا اعتراف جرم
عثمان مرزا کیس چلان میں تہلکہ خیز انکشاف
پولیس تین ملزمان اڑھائی ماہ میں گرفتار کرنے میں ناکام
لڑکے لڑکی پر جنسی تشدد کے واقعے کی چالان کی تفصیلی رپورٹ پہلی دفعہ سنیں
کورٹ رپورٹر ثاقب بشیر کی زبانی

The main accused Usman Mirza confessed to the crime
Terrible revelation in Usman Mirza case challan
Police failed to arrest the three accused in two and a half months
For the first time, listen to the detailed report of the challan of the incident of sexual violence against boys and girls
Oral by Court Reporter Saqib Bashir

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