Usman Mirza Case: Video Evidence is Not Enough Proof

Usman Mirza Case: Video Evidence is Not Enough Proof

Despite video evidence, an investigator working on the Usman Mirza harassment case informed the court that the police were unable to locate any eyewitnesses “who saw the victims nud*e during the alleged attack.”

Tariq Zaman, a sub inspector, stated that the complainant had

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“supplied the footage showing the couple being assaulted in a USB [drive],” but it is unclear if this would be adequate evidence.

The sub inspector said on the court that police were unable to talk with any eyewitnesses who observed the pair ‘supposedly nak*ed.’ Furthermore, no eyewitnesses had been able to establish the location of the claimed murder site, the flat.

He stated that authorities were unable to search the suspected crime site during their investigation. The police had tried to enter the flat, but the door had been locked. No one answered the door when the cops knocked. Police instead only plotted the purported murder site from the outside.

Police are awaiting a response from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on the admissibility of the incident footage, which was shared on social media.

Both victims recanted their claims in court last month, stating that police concocted the whole case against Mirza and his associates. Despite the lack of victim testimony, the government has stated that it will prosecute the case.

In Usman Mirza’s case, clarification is requested from SSP investigation Ata ur Rehman.

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