Usman Mirza case: Female victim says “I have never taken money from anyone.”

Usman Mirza case: Female victim says

ISLAMABAD: The female victim in the Islamabad couple harassment case, who had previously withdrew her evidence and signed an affidavit to refuse further investigation, told the court on Wednesday that she was being pressured to pursue the case.

The hearing in the Islamabad couple harassment case was resumed today by Additional District and Sessions Judge Atta Rabbani.

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At the outset of today’s hearing, the female victim reiterated her statement saying:

“I have already said that I do not know anyone of the suspects. Whatever statement I had to record, I have recorded. Why am I being pressurised?”

She begged the court to grant her permanent immunity from the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, during the cross-examination of the female victim, the attorney for Umar Bilal, a suspect in the case, sought the court to show a portion of the claimed video.

Accepting his request, the judge ordered the press and other unimportant persons to leave the courtroom for a few minutes while the video was played. The courtroom doors were reopened after a few moments.

Umar Bilal’s attorney inquired of the female victim whether she had got Rs1 lakh from his client in exchange for recording this testimony in court.

The girl replied: “I have not taken money from anyone.”

“I have already said that the police have obtained my signatures on blank papers,” she added.

In response to an inquiry concerning her wedding date, the victim stated that she could not recall the precise day, but that she married after the video became viral.

The female victim stated that she had never interacted with the Inspector General of Police in Islamabad or any other police officer.

At this point, the suspect’s lawyer stated that the girl had admitted to uttering a falsehood in court and begged with the judge to place the couple’s names on the no-fly list.

Previously, authorities hauled Usman Mirza, a main suspect in the harassment case, and others before court. Following attendance, the accused were sent to “Bakhshi Khana.”

Prosecutor Rana Hasan Abbas interrogated the male victim and inquired about his employment.

He stated that at the time of the occurrence, he was employed in the real estate industry, but that he was now unemployed. He stated that after the case’s procedures began, he departed the company.

When the prosecution requested him to describe the occurrence, the male victim stated that he could not do so at this time.

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