Usman Malik throws cash at his wife, actress Uzma Khan, in a viral video

Usman Malik and Uzma Khan's wedding: Malik Riaz, an ex-damad, and the model Uzma Khan

Recall actress Uzma Khan, who made headlines in 2020 after a video of her being bullied by Malik Riaz’s daughters for having an affair with the latter’s husband, Usman Malik, went viral.

It appears that she married Usman Malik, and the couple is also expecting a child. Recently, a video of the couple dancing to Qawali beats and Usman Malik showering Uzma with cash went viral on social media.

Uzma Khan’s baby bump was obviously visible in the video. As soon as users saw Khan in the popular video, they had a variety of reactions, with some pointing out that she was having an affair with a married man.

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Users criticized Usman Malik for lavishing money in this way. In their opinion, he is not showing bad taste (nazar) or affection for his wife; rather, he is demonstrating to the world how much money he has to throw away and how he is able to purchase anything.

Usman Malik and Uzma Khan, a well-known Pakistani couple, attracted trolls’ wrath for flaunting their wealth after being spotted dousing themselves in cash in a recent viral video.

Usman Malik was seen in a video showering money after a ritual at desi events, which enraged social media users who expected these powerful people to donate their money as the country is experiencing economic hardship. The duo was all over social media at the time.

In a popular video, Usman Malik is seen throwing cash at his actress wife Uzma Khan.

The most contentious case to date is that of Uzma Khan. The incident happened in May 2020, and it was caught on camera when she was being beaten up for having an affair with Usman Malik, who was at the time married to a Malik Riaz relative.

Amna Usman, Usman’s former spouse, and Malik Riaz’s daughter were seen on camera abusing, harassing, and threatening Uzma Khan. She later reported the women in a FIR. However, the actress later dropped her lawsuit as part of an unspecified settlement after Malik Riaz sued her for defamation for Rs. 5 billion.

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