Twitter in Meltdown over ‘Indecent’ Hania Aamir video

Twitter in Meltdown over ‘Indecent’ Hania Aamir video

It shows her with filmmaker Wajahat Rauf’s son

Actress Hania Aamir has led Pakistani Twitter trends after a video of her with producer Wajahat Rauf’s kid went viral.

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The actor can be seen in the video singing along to Hasan Raheem’s Arzu while sleeping beside Aashir Wajahat. People began to accuse Hania Aamir of “indecency and vulgarity” soon after the video went viral.

It’s unclear whether Hania published the video on Instagram because it’s no longer available, but it’s been extensively circulated on Twitter.

Many individuals have accused Hania of seeking attention and have stated that they have “lost respect” for her.

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Others defended the actor, saying that Hania often posts fun videos showing herself enjoying with her friends. They commented that trolls are always trying to bring her down and “ruin her happiness”.

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Another cause for Hania’s popularity is an Instagram live video. It shows her showing surprise as she reads fan remarks. Some claim that Hania terminated the session after observing a follower engaging in inappr**opriate behaviour, while others claim that the video is a hoax and ask that it not be shared.

Hania Aamir video

Hania Aamir video

Hania Aamir Came Under Fire After Her Video Has Gone Viral


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