Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Couldn’t Stop Themselves from Indulging in a Cute – Online PDA

Game of thrones is clearly bursting in all of our minds. So is the case with the Jenner/Webster couple. Travis Scott has recently posted a picture on Instagram, with him all dressed up in a Game of Thrones attire. Not just this, his caption was even more appealing. It said:

‘House of Flame,

Son of Lord Jacques B. Webster the 1st,

Husband of the Goddess K,

Protector of the Seven Kingdoms,

Blatt. ‘

Here’s the picture for you:

How cute is that? And we can’t get enough of the way he called Kylie a goddess! Kylie Jenner also seem to have gushed over the ‘goddess’ reference, as she commented “Protect my realm” and “Oh Lord Webster!!” to which Travis responded with a few emoji. Seriously, we’re living for this young couple. In the time of technology and social media, it’s just as romantic to compliment your partner online like it is to say it to her face.

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