Toy Story 4 Release Got Delayed in Pakistan?

Toy Story 4 Release Got Delayed in Pakistan?!

Toy Story 4 Release Got Delayed in Pakistan?!
Toy Story 4 Release Got Delayed in Pakistan?!

Disney has constantly been contributing in making childhoods memorable of thousands and thousands of children all around the globe.

Toy Story is one of the films that is the favorite of most Disney followers and after the success of 3 parts, the 4th series is all set to release all over the world!

Directed by Josh Cooley, the film is going to launch in North America on 21st June.

However, the film’s release got delayed in Pakistan and now it will be releasing on 28th June.

The story of the animated movie revolves around the toys of a little boy that come to life.

Toy Story 4’s trailer is receiving appreciation from critics and the modern-day Rotten Tomatoes score rates 98% out of 127 critics.

The movie is predicted to hit the cinemas with a storm with 170+ Million opening weekend in North America Box office alone!

The film with a terrific story, humor, emotion, animation, and vocal performances will be a first-rate deal, not solely for the youth but the grown-up Disney followers as well.

The timing of the film launch was planned intelligently as the kids are enjoying summer time holidays and will be looking forward to a full-filled weekend.

Well, one factor is rather evident that the new release date will really give an opposition to the Pakistani film Baaji. Which one will you watch first?

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