TikToker Ayesha Akram and Rambo Viral Full Video HD

TikToker Ayesha Akram and Rambo Viral Full Video HD

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TikToker Ayesha Akram and Rambo lea**ked pictures and videos of an inappr**opriate nature have gone viral on social media. The internet duo became the talk of the town following the Minar-e-Pakistan incident, where TikToker Ayesha Akram claimed that she was harassed by over 400 men. However, many reports since have contradicted her claims regarding the harassment incident at Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park while calling the entire matter a staged incident to gain followers on social media platform TikTok.

TikToker Ayesha Akram came forward and lodged a complaint with the police once several videos of the Minar-e-Pakistan incident went viral on social media. However, the entire matter was reportedly staged as per several reports which claim that the TikToker planned a meet up with several hundred people with the help of her partner Rambo while the whole harassment incident was staged in an attempt to gain followers on TikTok.

TikToker Ayesha Akram and Rambo have not responded yet explaining their side of the story about the lea**ked pictures and videos that went viral on social media. Ayesha Akram has been very outspoken about the Minar-e-Pakistan incident with several media outlets, including Daily Pakistan and Urdu Point to name a few so she might release a statement defending the obscene pictures and videos that have gone viral on the internet.

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