TikTok Star Aleena Fatima Promotes ‘OverSized’ Modelling, Self Love

TikTok Star Aleena Fatima Promotes ‘OverSized’ Modelling, Self Love

Tiktok Star Aleena Fatima Who herself calls “the size more of Pakistan” is to defend body positivity and self-love through Tiktok.

Aleena Fatima also has a line of clothing by the name “chubby goals” that celebrate bodies of all their forms.

She runs her own YouTube channel and turns out to be a real inspiration for many people because she is not aware of what she is. It is often criticized and intimidated for its extra books.

In the past, a video of Aleena went viral for which it was criticized for its extra weight. The insensitive remarks broke her, but later she took a position to help other girls cope with the same thing.

However, social media users have mixed reactions to this case. Some emphasize the girl to be “unhealthy” while others think she’s beautiful as she is.


Here we also have a few collections from Aleena Fatima’s Instagram:

One of the biggest evils that exist in Pakistani society is the shame of the body. A society obsessed with looks and a fair complexion rather than the person herself had targeted the young Aleena.

In a post on his Instagram, the Tiktoker had beaten the company “unused” to make fun of on-sized women.

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