The ‘Pawri Girl’ Dananeer Mobeen New Singing Video

The ‘Pawri Girl’ Dananeer Mobeen New Singing Video

The internet went viral. Dananeer Mobeen, who became an instant social media phenomenon after her video “Pawri” went viral all over the world, has earned a lot of love and praise for her incredible singing abilities.

Dananeer Mobeen sang to the lyrics of the song “Kho Gaye Hum Kahan” from the Bollywood film “Baar Baar Dekho” in a recent IGTV video on Instagram.

“Kho gaye hum kahan?” the ‘Pawri‘ girl captioned the video. I’d been meaning to do a proper cover of this song for a long time and actually got around to it today.”

Fans and netizens were swift to respond and flooded the comments section with love reactions shortly after she uploaded the video.

The young girl received a lot of attention from social media users, who thought she had an outstanding soulful sound.

Dananeer, who rose to fame after making a 5-second video and posting it on social media during a tour of northern Pakistan with his colleagues, took advantage of his celebrity and launched a new company on February 6.

On February 6, she posted a 5-second video to his Instagram account, saying, “It’s my car, and they’re my friends, and they’re having a party.” The girl’s delivery style, phoney English voice, and sound made the video hilarious to viewers, and it went viral in a matter of hours.
Many individuals, including actors, have attempted to replicate the scene with their mates by copying the Instagram video and incorporating her accent.

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