The Opposition elects Hamza Shahbaz as Punjab’s new CM in a symbolic assembly session.

The Opposition elects Hamza Shahbaz as Punjab's new CM in a symbolic assembly session.

Following the government’s decision to close the Punjab legislature, the joint Opposition held a symbolic session on Wednesday, electing PML-N leader Hamza Shabaz as chief minister.

More than 200 MPAs were present at the hotel for the session, according to PML-N leader and MPA Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan.

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The session was attended by members of the PML-N, PPP, PTI’s Jahangir Khan Tareen and Abdul Aleem Khan groups, as well as PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz.

The session was filled with chants such as “chief minister, Hamza Shahbaz” after the resolution to elect Hamza as the new chief minister was approved.

Following their split from the PTI and Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Tareen and Aleem groups decided to back the Opposition’s candidate for chief minister.

Following Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to nominate PML-Pervaiz Q’s Elahi as the new chief minister, Usman Buzdar of the PTI resigned.

Maryam, who was crying after witnessing the ceremony, told Geo News that her tears were tears of victory as she prayed for her mother, Kulsoom Nawaz, who died in a London hospital.

Meanwhile, Hamza told journalists that it was unfortunate that the assembly session could not take place today, and he chastised Speaker Pervaiz Elahi for barring MPs and journalists from entering the assembly building.

“These people are playing with the Constitution […] they have no idea what is going on in Punjab and at the Centre,” Hamza told reporters, who are expected to face stiff competition from Elahi for the top spot.

The PML-N leader chastised the PTI government for destabilising the economy and exacerbating the crisis. “The stock market is down, and the dollar is at an all-time high.”

The Punjab Assembly’s Opposition Leader slammed the PTI-led government for imprisoning Aleem, Tareen, Maryam, and other Opposition leaders for “revenge.”


After the session, Maryam told journalists that the Opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly, Hamza, followed PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif’s ideology and would “serve” the province’s people.

“Today, Nawaz Sharif exacted vengeance [on the PTI government] for stealing the Punjabi people’s mandate. To prevent the PML-N from forming a government in Punjab, blood was shed “Maryam spoke to the press.

Punjab’s people had turned into “beggers” for two kilogrammes of sugar, according to the PML-N leader. “They (the PTI government) were involved in sugar theft, power theft, gas theft, and development theft.”

‘Farah Khan was in charge of Buzdar.’

Furthermore, despite the fact that Usman Buzdar was the chief minister, Maryam claimed that he was controlled by Farah Khan, a close friend of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s wife, Bushra Bibi.

“How did Farah Khan handle government officials’ postings and transfers in Punjab? After the postings and transfers, to whom did Farah Khan send the commissions?” she inquired.

The PML-N leader went on to say that everything will be revealed when the time comes.

The PTI has filed a motion of no confidence in the deputy speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly.

Meanwhile, the PTI filed a no-confidence motion against Deputy Speaker Dost Muhammad Mazari, and the joint Opposition decided to file a similar motion against Speaker Pervaiz Elahi, deepening the crisis in the Punjab Assembly.

The political situation changed when Deputy Speaker Dost Muhammad Mazari decided to call a session today rather than April 16 — a decision that enraged the PTI and the PML-Q, who refused to accept it.

To avoid any untoward situations, a large contingent of police has been deployed outside the assembly secretariat on Elahi’s orders.

Elahi also prohibited journalists from attending the provincial assembly, according to security personnel.

The provincial legislature’s security has also installed barbed wire on the assembly’s main gate.

Mazari said the Punjab Assembly secretariat was “not cooperating” with him in an interview with Geo News earlier today.

“I did not seek the advice of the Punjab government, the PTI, or the Speaker of the House.” In light of the Supreme Court’s orders, I convened the Assembly session,” Mazari had stated.

Elahi has also taken away the deputy speaker’s powers.

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