The Kapil Sharma Show 20th November 2022, Cast, Full Episode

Full episode of The Kapil Sharma Show from November 20, 2022, with highlights

You must carve out some time from your hectic schedule to allow your mind to unwind. Only a select few of the reality TV programs that are available to watch are able to win our hearts. One program that has a knack for jerking viewers out of their seats is The Kapil Sharma Show. The best thing about this show is that you don’t have to watch it from beginning to end; if you start watching it in the middle, it will still look the same and amuse you in the same way.

Nov. 20, 2022, The Kapil Sharma Show

Every week, fresh guests perform for the audience on this reality show, just like other reality shows. They typically travel here to promote their upcoming program, and occasionally the producers will send them a special invitation. This program’s format is based on a chat show, and each time, celebrities must be invited to ensure that the host and guests have a fun and engaging conversation. In order to raise the show’s TRP, it is absolutely necessary to do this. Let’s look at the upcoming TKSS episode without wasting any more time.

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Written update for today’s episode of The Kapil Sharma Show

The promos for today’s episode, which is a continuation of yesterday’s, have already been released, but this time the cast will be different. In yesterday’s episode, we saw the host make fun of Varun Dhawan and flirt with this movie’s main lead actress, Kirti Senon. The main character dances to open the show, and Kapil then makes fun of the fact that if a girl is as attractive as Kirti, any animal will fall in love with her.

Highlights from The Kapil Sharma Show for November 20, 2022

We will have a new star cast on the TKSS stage today, according to the new show promos. A welcome from the host to Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan will be shown. Kartik’s efforts are praised by our favorite comedy king. In response, the actor quips that he even plagiarised the smash hit movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa starring Akshay Kumar. After that, Amrutha Subhash and Mrunal Thakur will be welcomed by Kapil. Another advertisement will feature Mrunal performing a dance number while Amrutha can be heard singing a Marathi song.

Later, the TKSS host praises Amrutha for her earlier work. They will then be seen talking about how they completed the entire film in just 10 days. Kapil never misses an opportunity to tease his guests and will often reveal the details of how the romantic scenes were filmed. Other than that, the Kapil team will occasionally be seen appearing on stage and having a great time with visitors.

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