The Kapil Sharma Show 19th November 2022, Full Episode, Cast

Full Episode of The Kapil Sharma Show from November 19, 2022, with Cast

This article is especially for you if you’re depressed, enraged, or stressed. We’re here to share the written recap of one of the best and most cherished comedy chat shows from today’s episode. Kapil Sharma is the first comedian that comes to mind when we think of humor. He established himself in the comedy business and attained the title of The King of Comedy thanks to his tenacity and hardship. With the success of his program, “The Kapil Sharma Show,” he suddenly became well-known.

The Kapil Sharma Show, November 19, 2022

His life had its ups and downs, but he never let those around him be sad. Instead, he always made them smile and laugh. He is capturing people’s hearts with his show once again. The show features new guests every week, as those who tune in regularly are aware. Fans are ecstatic to see the star-studded cast that is appearing this time as well in order to promote their upcoming film. Scroll down if you’re interested in finding out more.

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Full written episode for today’s episode of The Kapil Sharma Show

The second season of TKSS is doing everything it can to win us over and make us swoon over its host. Not just the host, but his entire team delights us every weekend with their performances. Each week, there are new guests; this time, it’s the “Bhediya” movie cast, which includes Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan. In the film, both are portraying the lead role. The advertisements depict them entering and starting to dance to their well-known song from the movie.

Highlights from The Kapil Sharma Show for November 19, 2022

Following the conclusion of their dancing performance, host Kapil Sharma enters the stage and joins in on the fun. He makes fun of the fact that women adore animals and are frequently attracted to them. A Bhediya (Wolf) has also fallen in love with Kriti in this film. As per usual, Kapil will be seen making advances toward Kirti by saying that any animal will undoubtedly start feeling like a human being if the girl is as attractive as Kirti.


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