Crickter Babar Azam video call viral! Check Out Photos

Leak of Babar Azam's allegedly private videos and WhatsApp conversations

Babar Azam, a cricketer for Pakistan, has become the target of nauseating activity after his video chat yesterday was leaked and went viral. The player was seen almost completely naked, and his photos quickly went viral on social media. The nauseating activity once more asserts the traits that this cricketer embodies.

The standing of Babar Azam declines

Babar has, however, previously been caught engaging in unethical behavior. A woman once complained to the player that he had promised to marry her and then abandoned her after she became pregnant. All of these actions degrade the players’ character while also diluting the legitimacy of the sports they play.

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Babar has faced a great deal of backlash on social media sites ever since his viral video. Users have commented on the player’s character, claiming that there is no chance that he will ever develop a positive reputation in public. The player doesn’t appear to care about any of the criticism, though.

There is no need for an explanation after such a blatant leak, so Babar Azam may choose to remain silent about the situation. The Pakistan Cricket Board hasn’t said anything either as of yet.

Here are a few recent viral pictures and videos. In addition, the following memes gained popularity after the viral of Babar Azam’s viral video:


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