The 1999 action, unfortunately, should not have happened: Former Commander Triple One Brigade

The 1999 action, unfortunately

22 years ago on October 12, 1999, Lieutenant General (retd) Salahuddin Satti, the commander of the Triple One Brigade, which oversaw the operation to overthrow the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government, spoke for the first time on this day and its aftermath. He called it a sad day.
In an exclusive interview with Urdu News, Lieutenant General Salahuddin Satti, who retired from the second most important post of the Army, Chief of General Staff, said that October 12 is also his birthday and that was before the military action in 1999. Was engaged in Quran recitation on the occasion when he came to know that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has removed General Pervez Musharraf and appointed General Zia-ud-Din Butt as the Chief of Army Staff. General Pervez Musharraf became the country’s chief executive after overthrowing the Taliban.
Rumors of tensions within the government were rife.

“When I joined the Triple One Brigade in July 1999, it was common knowledge that there was a great deal of misunderstanding between the government and the military.”

He said that at that time General Zia-ud-Din Butt was the head of ISI and using the media was giving the impression that perhaps we are preparing to overthrow Nawaz Sharif.
According to General Satti, the preparations were not as perceived by the media. Regarding his personal training, however, he said, “I was the Chief of Staff at the Ten Corps two years before the incident and the government of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was overthrown at the behest of President Farooq Leghari and the army.” For this reason, as the Chief of Staff of the Triple One Brigade, he had a thorough knowledge of how to accomplish this task.
According to General Satti, “We were given such a mandate and there was no such thing. Somewhere I read that maybe there was a fixed date for a military coup, on which we had to do something and maybe we didn’t, but since I was the brigade commander myself, I did it without hesitation and without a word. I claim that we have never been given such an order and there was no such thing.
Impressions of the Prime Minister’s House spying before the coup
According to General Salahuddin Satti, the news had started appearing in the newspapers even before October 12 that the military personnel stationed in the Prime Minister’s House were seeing mysterious spying devices. However, he said that this was not the case but the fact was that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Military Secretary Brigadier Javed Malik had told me on the phone some time ago that he had gone to Turkey with the Prime Minister a few days ago and saw that The military guards stationed at the Prime Minister’s House are very smart and equipped with light weapons and equipment, so do something about it.
Since General Satti was responsible for the security of the Prime Minister and the Presidency as the Commander of the Triple One Brigade, he said that after the talks of Brigadier Javed Malik, a new unit was sent from Kohat to provide security to the Prime Minister’s Office. Instead of the old wireless sets, there were lightweight walkie-talkies, with which they looked very smart.
According to General Satti, in addition to the reports of espionage in the newspapers, a brigadier stationed at the Prime Minister’s House called him and asked, “Are we being monitored?” “I told them I’d send you a walkie-talkie set to see if they were monitoring devices or just for conversation.”
According to him, “I told them to look first, because if we remove it, you will say that because we pointed out, they hid the devices, so let’s see what is.” ‘

General Satti said that when Nawaz Sharif’s father Mian Sharif called his sons and General Pervez Musharraf to settle them and said that you are all brothers and then took General Musharraf on Umrah. The impression was that everything was settled, now there was no problem.
That is why General Pervez Musharraf had gone to Sri Lanka on a visit when the whole operation took place from behind.
According to General Salahuddin, it was very sad that the new army chief was announced in a room with a few people.
According to him, “there is a regular procedure in the army, the departed are given a chance to say goodbye to their people, the newcomer is also honored under the appropriate decorum and all front of’
What happened that day
He says that on his birthday on October 12, 1999, he kept the Qur’an at home after Asr.
“I must have read half a supra when the boy came and told me that General Pervez Musharraf has been removed and Zia-ud-Din Butt has been made the army chief. Hearing this, I immediately called Corps Commander Rawalpindi Lieutenant General Mahmood Ahmed but They were going to play golf. I asked his wife to tell him immediately what would be our reaction if that happened. ”
Five to 10 minutes later, General Mahmood’s call came and he said, “Send PTV men to stop the news of change of Army Chief.”
He further said that some soldiers and officers stopped broadcasting on PTV after which Brigadier Javed Malik, Military Secretary to the Prime Minister, reached there with a weapon and showed a pistol to the officer and said that you cannot do that.
Brigadier Salahuddin Satti said that on October 12, he himself as the Commander of the Prime Minister’s House He did not even go to Islamabad but controlled the operation on his mobile and kept on giving instructions and taking information from there.
He said that apart from sending unit PTV from Aiwan-e-Sad, some young men were also sent to the door of Prime Minister’s House etc. but none of our young men entered the Prime Minister’s House till evening till General Mahmood himself reached there.

He said the rest of the contingent had been sent to the airport and there were a few key ministers who had been taken into custody by the Triple One Brigade personnel, mostly at their homes, but no one had been picked up.
According to him, “In the evening, General Mahmood went inside the Prime Minister’s House for the first time. He was accompanied by Major General Ali Jan Orakzai and some people (soldiers) and they brought Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from there.”
Referring to the atmosphere inside the Prime Minister’s House, he said that tension had arisen when the sent troops and commanding officers confronted the newly appointed Army Chief General Zia-ud-Din. General Zia-ud-Din was accompanied by a team of retired commandos of the Special Services Group (SSG) to the Prime Minister’s House who was armed and active.
“The people in General Zia-ud-Din’s team (retired commandos) were moving a lot, so the CO told me that they are very active and if there is no fire, then it will be difficult to control. General Zia-ud-Din was told by my commanding officer to stop his men, otherwise no one’s life could be guaranteed. The CMH was also taken away.
General Salahuddin said, “If we had been prepared in advance, how could General Zia-ud-Din have entered the Prime Minister’s House. However, our army is a professional army, thank God not a single bullet was fired in this whole process.
He reiterated, “It was a very unfortunate incident. I can use that word.”
He said that Nawaz Sharif seemed to me a very mature Prime Minister with a mild temperament. The Prime Minister is a great position for a brigadier. In the army, the army chief is also under the Ministry of Defense. I used to respect him from the bottom of my heart.
Asked if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif later took any action against him, he said it never happened.
Proximity to General Pervez Musharraf
General Salahuddin Satti is known to have been a highly regarded officer of General Pervez Musharraf. In this regard, he said that there was no such thing as General Musharraf was his senior so he respected him like other seniors. “I worked with him as deputy chief of staff and found him a very professional and brave officer.”
General Satti said that he saw the love for Pakistan in as few people as he saw in General Musharraf.
He said that Pervez Musharraf was not afraid of anyone and in the first place he did not just use the slogan of Pakistan but he believed in it with all his heart.

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