Swiss Business Council completes 10 years in Pakistan

KARACHI: To mark the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Swiss Business Council (SBC) in Pakistan, the Consulate General of Switzerland in Karachi in collaboration with the SBC hosted an exclusive event at the Swiss Consul General’s residence on Tuesday.

The Consul General and Patron of the SBC – Philippe Crevoisier in his welcome address to participants, present among which were diplomats, senior management of Swiss and other multinational companies, and leading businessmen said that only if Pakistan is able to present to the international community the country’s on-ground realities and business potential, many more foreign investors will consider to invest in Pakistani market.

He also mentioned that Swiss-Pak bilateral trade (CHF 518.5 Million in 2017) is promisingly increasing for the past three years.

The Consul General also commended SBC’s efforts to further improve commercial ties between the two friendly countries.

SBC’s President – Mr. Farhat Ali who is also the Council’s founding President and Chairman of the Board and Executive Managing Director of Polygal N.V. in Pakistan gave an overview of the Council’s achievements over the past decade most prominent of which is the Council’s partnership with Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE); equivalent of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan and Board of Investment.

He further added that SBC with support from S-GE is committed to link Swiss and Pakistani companies.

Swiss companies in the past ten years have invested CHF 1.5 Billion in Pakistan making Switzerland stand among top ten foreign director investors.

Major exports from Switzerland to Pakistan are pharmaceuticals, textile machines, and watches.

Main Pakistani exports to Switzerland are textiles, and agro-foods.


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