Story From Larkana: Qatil se phle Nosheen Kazmi ke sth kia hoa?

MBBS student Nosheen Kazmi found dead in Larkana college

Nosheen Kazmi, a fourth-year MBBS student of Chandika Medical College in Larkana, was found dead in her room.

According to reports, her body was discovered hanging from the ceiling fan in her room at the medical college’s girls’ hostel.

Terrible photographs of the deceased are being circulated on social media. The image raises severe doubts, so it’s not yet verified whether it’s a suicide or a murder.

Her feet are clearly visible on the table, and a rope is tied to the ceiling fan to create the appearance of a suicidal scenario.

On Twitter, the hashtag #JusticeForNosheenKazmi is trending, and people are speaking out about Nosheen Kazmi’s tragic death.

Because it was the second incidence reported from the same girl’s dormitory, the subject needed to be thoroughly probed.

It should be noted that this is not the first time a homicide has occurred at Chandika Medical college. Two years ago, Dr. Nimrita Kumari Chandani, a final year student at Larkana’s dentistry institution, was found dead in the girl’s hostel number two.

Qatil se phle Nosheen Kazmi

Qatil se phle Nosheen Kazmi

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