Stage drama Actress Zara Khan, Mehak Noor Leaked Video Viral

drama Actress Zara Khan, Mehak Noor


The stage actress Zara Khan and Mehak Noor have a lea**ked video which went viral on social media showing the actress changing clothes in the dressing room of Shalimar Theater located at Bhatta Chowk in Lahore.

According to the details, the lea**ked videos of Zara Khan and Mehak Noor were filmed by co-star Kashif Chan, who filmed the girls secretly in their dressing room on the instructions of senior stage actress Khushboo Khan, both of whom have been arrested by FIA Cyber Crime Wing.

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The victims went live during a press conference at the Lahore Press Club and called the act a gross abuse. They revealed that Kashif Chan used to come to the dressing room several times under the pretext of charging his phone but they always refused to give him the charger.

Zara Khan and Mehak Noor Reaction on Viral Video

“We never thought such a video would be made,”

said Mehak Noor, one of the victim of the lea**ked video scan*dal.

Zara Khan and Mehak Noor said that they used to respect Khushboo but now they do not consider her their senior anymore, while Zara Khan revealed that the quarrel of the management of Shalimar Theater was with Khushboo but not with us.

Zara Khan and Mehak Noor Viral Video Accused Name

The video is of an explic**it nature and we cannot share it over here, meanwhile, the FIA has not yet taken any concrete action against the accused Kashif Chan and Khushboo, who are responsible for the lea**ked video of stage actress Zara Khan and Mehak Noor.

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