South Africa’s parliament speaker Zanele Sifuba Leaked S*x Tape viral on social media

Nigerian Man Releases His Sex Tape With Zanele Sifuba, Speaker of the South African Parliament

The leak of a se*x tape featuring Zanele Sifuba, the Speaker of the ANC Free State legislature, is allegedly the work of a Nigerian man.

The young Nigerian man allegedly made Sifuba’s se*x tape public after she allegedly declined to pay R300 000, or 244,106.78 (GHS) in blackmail money, to release it.

The release of screenshots from the original video last week is thought to be what ignited the scandal.

According to Central News, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Provincial Secretary Malefane Bosanku Msimanga and the Regional Chairperson of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL), Edgar Legoale, have denounced the ‘insensitive’ distribution of pictures purporting to be the Speaker of the Free State legislature that are nude.

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The party demanded that the leaker of the se*x tapes be taken into custody. Msimanga added that women and girls everywhere are also affected by this, not just well-known women.

He continued by saying that it undercuts efforts and the struggle against femicide, misogyny, and violence against women.

After a se*x tape was leaked, Anele Mdoda defended Zanele Sifuba.

Anele Mdoda, a radio and television personality in the media, has criticized those who have frowned on the most recent se*x tape leak. In response to Zanele Sifuba’s leaked se*x tape going viral on Twitter, Mdoda used social media to call out those who have named and shamed her.

The people who are acting differently as a result of the Zanele Sifuba of the African National Congress se*x tape leak are not the focus of Mdoda. Sifuba allegedly fell victim to extortion by her alleged Nigerian boyfriend after she refused to give him R300,000. A se*x tape featuring him and Sifuba was later leaked by the alleged Nigerian boyfriend.

Following the release of the recent, well-known se*x tapes, Mdoda took to Twitter to call out those who had previously behaved in a pious manner. Mdoda argues in defense of Sifuba and other senior citizens who continue to engage in se*xual activity.

Malefane Bosanku Msimanga, the Provincial Secretary of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has denounced the “insensitive” distribution of Nood images and videos that appear to be of the Speaker of the Free State legislature.
The party demanded the arrest of the person who leaked the se*x tape, emphasizing that all women and girls, not just those in the public eye, are affected by this.

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