Social Media Star and singer Rebecca Khan reached a historical milestone

Social Media Star and singer Rebecca Khan reached a historical milestone

Kashif Khan’s daughter and Social Media Bintang Rebecca Khan, who made famous Pakistan in India, was also taken to YouTube after receiving recognition in Tiktok.

The number of customers of the YouTube Channel Rebecca Khan has reached 500,000, after which he succeeded in increasing his popularity banners in the world of YouTube.

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Rebecca Khan distributed several new photos to his official Instagram account where he could be seen in the Pakistani ice area.

Rebecca Khan wrote in the picture of his photo, “Alhumduillah, 500 thousand customers on YouTube❤️, Thank you very much for love and respect
Iloveyou all❤️ Continue to support💕 ”

Two days ago, Rebecca Khan’s debut Song ‘Party Guardian Night’ which he sang in a sweet voice, was released.

Rebecca Khan’s first song gained popularity as soon as it was released.

Rebecca Khan, who made a name for himself in a very short time by doing uniquely on Tiktok video sharing applications, having more than 5 million Tiktok followers and 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

Kashif Khan, an artist who made Pakistan famous in India, said that, “Rebecca is my beautiful daughter, I called him a born artist”

Kashif Khan said that Rebecca had just passed the matriculation level and he wanted him to complete his education first and then entered the showbiz.

Rebecca has all the skills of a good singer, he has traveled the world with his father at a young age and also met famous artists.

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