Singer Katy Perry is Brutally Honest to Speak

Singer Katy Perry is Brutally Honest to Speak

Katy Perry, an American singer, is brutally blunt in speaking her heart out about her early days’ craze for boys, along with a lot of worldly wisdom.

When asked about her early career in music, the 36-year-old pop star told POPSUGAR that she did “a very good job.”

“I have no regrets. I stumbled, I fell, I made mistakes. I learned from all of it. But I was pretty boy crazy. I think I was always searching for real love and true love.” The singer, however, had a piece of advice for her younger self to “lose some time to be emotional about the boys,” although “it did fuel the songs.”

For the young people out there, Katy Perry has some words of practical worldly wisdom. “Don’t be concerned; keep swinging and making errors. Don’t bother reading the comments. Don’t scroll down on the comments, and know how to separate real life from internet life,” she said.

“And boys aren’t mature until they’re 35, at least.”

Katy met Orlando Bloom when he was 39 years old. Bloom has a son named Flynn from a previous relationship. “He’s really cool. I definitely subtly use him as a radar for ‘cool factor,'” Perry disclosed about Flynn because, according to her, he assisted her in selecting a lead single for her previous release, Smile.

“I remember I had ‘Harleys in Hawaii,’ ‘Small Talk,’ and ‘Never Really Over’ on a playlist a couple years ago, and I just did like a blind sound test for him, and he was like, ‘Never Really Over.’ And I’m like, ‘OK, that’s the single. Let’s do it.'”

Katy Perry also receives support from her family and friends.

“Dua Lipa has always been so kind, and she always congratulated me, especially when I had the baby. And Ellie Goulding just had her baby, and we’ve sent some photos back and forth,”

Perry recalled.

“Sia has been a rock at times in the past, when I was really going through it. And Ariana Grande, her and I will see each other and catch up, and I’ve got so much love for her. I think she’s just got the best voice in the music industry. I think there’s a lot of females that are more interconnected these days, which is great.”

Katy Perry released the track “Electric” for Pokémon’s 25th anniversary on May 14. She shared the positive news on her social accounts. The happy actress captioned the message, “WARNING: Video can awaken SHOCKING powers.” Electricity is now available! Take a look at Pikachu at the connect in my bio #pokemon25.”

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