Sindh High Court SHC suspends Sehwan Civil Judge

Sindh High Court SHC suspends Sehwan Civil Judge

The “rape” of litigation in Judge’s Chamber: SHC suspends the Civil Judge of Sehwan

Karachi: Chief Justice Sindh High Court (SHC) Justice Ahmed Ali Sheikh On Saturday Surface The Civil Judge Sehwan Imtiaz Hussain Bhutto for severe misconduct.

Mr. Bhutto was blamed by alincing alinquently a litigant (Salma Birohi) in his Chamber and was directed to inform the Sindh Superior Court. The news had pointed out the issue in its Saturday edition with Lyra Lebra “Judicial Officer supposedly violated litigants in the Chamber.”

An investigation was initiated against Mr. Bhutto per district and sessions Judge Jamshoro in the direction of Sindh High Court.

The sources in the local judiciary told this reporter that the district and session judge had visited the Sehwan Court twice and the Syed Abdullah Shah Sehwan Institute, where Lady’s medical examination was held.

He also met with the staff of the accused judge.

The judicial sources also said that the defendant judge and Sho Mazhar Naich had also been summoned by the district and the Judge sessions to record him.

According to credible sources, Sehwan police arrested Salma Birohi and Nisar Birohi from a guest house on January 13. Both had left their homes for free marriage. Both were produced before a judicial officer.

According to the initial complaint of Salma Birohi presented with the Sehwan police, the Judicial Officer addressed his staff, police officers and others who abandoned his office and told him to come to his official chamber where he supposedly assaulted her by criminal.

Although the first information report (FIR) has not been hosted, the police took Salma to Abdullah Shah Medical Institute, Sehwan for the medical examination.

Local sources told this reporter that after the incident, the district’s main judicial officer initiated an investigation against said judicial officer for the alleged violation.

An officer of the Association of Lawyers of Taluka, Sehwan and a senior lawyer told this reporter that he could not confirm the incident, but he had learned about the case and, in this sense, a main judicial officer had also visited Sehwan two Days ago and asked for the matter. The lawyer himself affirmed that this was not the first time, since it was reported that the same judicial officer had surrendered such acts in the past.

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