Shocking Revelations in Noor Muqaddam case Challan Report

Shocking Revelations in Noor Muqaddam case Challan Report

The most recent short video / vlog in the Full HD episode of ” Saqib Bashir “ The subject of today’s video clips / vlog is

” Part 2/2 Details of Shocking relavations in Noor Muqaddam case Challan report submitted before court “

This is not the same as yesterday’s problem.

پارٹ ٹو
نور مقدم کیس چالان رپورٹ انکشافات
چالان رپورٹ کا پہلی بار مکمل متن سنیں
نور مقدم کس روز قاتل کے گھر داخل ہوئی ؟
نور مقدم سے متعلق زہر یا نشہ رپورٹ میں کیا آیا ؟
کورٹ رپورٹر ثاقب بشیر کی زبانی

Part Two
Noor Muqadam case challan report revelations
Listen to the full text of the challan report for the first time
On what day did Noor Muqaddam enter the house of the killer?
What came in the poison or intoxication report related to Noor Muqaddam?
Oral by Court Reporter Saqib Bashir

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