Shocking Reason about Why Salman Khan Never Married

Shocking Reason about Why Salman Khan Never Married

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Shocking Reason about Why Salman Khan Never Married ”

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Salman Khan Says No To Marriage for This Shocking Reason. We all want to know ‘Bhai Ki Shaadi Kab Hogi?’ When Bhaijaan Salman Khan will get married? And now we have the answer but the answer will break everyone’s heart. It is a great shock for us that Salman Khan has decided not to get married ever. So, what is the real reason behind Bhaijan’s decision? Why doesn’t Salman Khan want to get married ever in his life? The reason will shock you and the reason is not Katrina Kaif or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan! Well, Salman had many unfinished love affairs in past which were very disturbing for him. It was not like that Salman never wanted to get married and was not sure about it. Each and everytime, he fell in love, he was really serious about his relationships. But everytime his engagement was broken and the reason is nothing but his family. Salman almost got married to Sangeeta Bijalni who was his first girlfriend and another girlfriend Somy Ali. The dates were fixed and even the cards were printed, but both times the engagements called off. Later Salman fell madly in love with Aishwarya and he was very serious about that love affair. He also proposed Aishwarya for marriage and they both confirmed their relartionship in media. Being possessive Salman was very insecure about Aishwraya and didn’t want her to work with other co-stars. The fact is Aishwarya didn’t want to get married because Salman’s over possessiveness. Salman still thinks Aish ditched him because of her co-star Vivek Oberoi. After many fights and controversies Aishwarya decided to leave Salman. In the past decade, Salman and Katrina were very close and their marriage was on the cards also. But Katrina ditched Salman and left him for Ranbir and Salman was again heartbroken. Recently news came that Salman was going to marry Iulia Vantour by the end of this year. Suddenly the news came that Salman called off the marriage with Iulia as well. Being a dedicated family person, Salman loves his family more than anything else. But his girlfriends couldn’t take Salman’s family and their traditional approaches. Salman’s love for his family is too much for his girlfriends that Salman’s couldn’t balance his love life. Actually for Salman, family is his first priority and he can do anything for his family. His girlfriends basically knew that Salman will never give them more importance than his family. Salman’s bad temper and rude behaviors are also the reasons of his unfortunate love life. And let’s not forget that Salman is badly addicted to alcohol, smoking and drugs which were impossible to tolerate by his girlfriends. And his all girlfriends couldn’t tolerate Salman’s addictions and bad behaviors. Strange part is that Salman is a womanizer and can’t be in a serious relationship for long. Basically Salman chose his family and his arrogance over his girlfriends and marriage. What do you think about Salman’s decision of not getting married ever?

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