Shehbaz Sharif announces a 10% increase in pensions and raises the minimum wage to Rs25,000.

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Shehbaz Sharif raises the minimum wage to Rs25,000 and announces a 10%

In his first address as Speaker of the House, Shehbaz Sharif, the newly elected Prime Minister, announced significant economic relief measures for the public.

Sharif announced on the floor of the house that the minimum wage for government employees will be increased to Rs25,000 per month on April 1. He also announces a 10% increase in former government employees’ pensions.

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Sharif said the poverty-reduction programme would be expanded across Pakistan after the Benazir Income Support Card was resurrected. He also mentioned that the Pakistani currency, which was trading at Rs190 per dollar yesterday, has regained its value and is now trading at Rs182.

Shehbaz emphasised the importance of hard work and financial independence in regaining “lost status,” as well as the importance of dialogue to break the economic deadlock.

“Change doesn’t come simply by talking,” he said, mocking the PTI’s slogan of “tabdeeli” (change). Shehbaz described the country’s economic situation as “very serious,” emphasising the importance of hard work in order to improve it. “The situation is dire, but with God’s help, things will improve if we work hard.”

He bemoaned the fact that his proposal to introduce a “charter of economy” to improve the economy had been rejected by the previous government. He then painted a blea**k picture of the country’s economy, blaming the previous administration for its policies.

He announced that starting April 1, his government would raise the minimum wage to Rs25,000. He urged investors to increase the salaries of employees earning less than Rs100,000 per month.

He also announced a 10% increase in pensions for civil and military retirees. According to Shehbaz, a Ramazan package will make wheat flour more affordable.

“Punjab is the older brother, but Pakistan as a whole is not.” “We will take smaller provinces with us and move forward,” he added. “Instead of weapons, we will give the youth of Balochistan, Fata, and other provinces technical education and skills.”

Shehbaz also stated that the “Benazir card” would be reintroduced, with the programme being expanded to include education. He bemoaned the fact that Pakistan’s strategic partners and friends had abandoned us while criticising the PTI government’s foreign policy.

China, India, and the United States have good relations.

He emphasised the importance of good relations with China, alleging that the previous administration harmed relations with the strategic ally. “This friendship is forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever He went on to say, “I assure you that we will make progress on the CPEC.”

He also emphasised the importance of good relations with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the European Union, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Iran. He also stated that ties with the United States should be strengthened on an equal footing, and that “we need to raise our voice for Afghanistan,” where the situation is dire.

Shehbaz expressed his desire for good relations with India, but only if the Kashmir issue was resolved first. “We will speak up on behalf of our Kashmiri brothers in every forum.” He stated, “We will provide diplomatic and moral support to them.”

Shehbaz also stated his intention to speak up for Palestinians. “No one was a traitor before, and no one is a traitor now,” he said. He emphasised national unity, saying that “consensus builds a nation.”

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