Senator Pervaiz Rasheed’s leaked obscene Viral Video Call with Girl, Download link

Leaked sexually explicit Viral Video Call with Girl by Senator Pervaiz Rasheed

Some propagandists started sharing a leaked se*x tape of Pervaiz Rasheed Lulli having a video call with an unknown woman on social media.

During the se*x chat, Pervaiz Rasheed Lulli appeared to be in an office. Some Pakistanis are of the opinion that Pervaiz Rasheed Lulli’s leaked se*x tape is unquestionably edited.

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Some PTI members claimed that by leaking the purported Pervaiz Rasheed video, some individuals were laying the groundwork for a similar attack on Imran Khan.

Comments on Senator Pervaiz Rasheed’s leak was objectionable below:

Please don’t post or share the leaked private video of Pervaiz Rasheed. We may politically disagree with him but i strongly condemn this. No one has the right to invade someone’s privacy. This disgusting trend of blackmailing people must stop here immediately!!

Please stop sharing the leaked video of Pervaiz Rasheed. There should be a full stop to these kind of leaks. It’s not cool to leak someone’s private moments no matter what or who the other person is.

اختلافات کو چھوڑیئے دیکھیے وہ آپ سب کے کپڑے اتار رہے ہیں۔ پرائیویٹ ویڈیوز خفیہ کیمروں سے بنا کر بلیک میل اور رسوا کر رہے ہیں۔ ان ہاتھوں کو مل کر روکیے۔ تمام سویلینز نشانے پر ہیں۔ سوچیے
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Leave your differences aside, they are undressing you all. Private videos are blackmailed and humiliated by hidden cameras. Hold those hands together. All civilians are targeted. think

سوشل میڈیا سے پتہ چلا کہ پرویز رشید صاحب کی کوئی وڈیو لیک کی گئی۔

اس عمل کی کھل کر مذمت کرتا ہوں۔ پرویز رشید ہوں یا کوئی اور سب کی عزت اور پرائیویسی کا احترام ضروری ہے۔

پہلے وزیراعظم کے دفتر کی آڈیو جاری کی گئیں اب لوگوں کی وڈیوز۔ اس معاشرے کی اخلاقیات کو تباہ کیا جا رہا ہے
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It was found out from social media that a video of Parvez Rashid was leaked.

I openly condemn this action. Be it Pervez Rashid or anyone else, everyone’s dignity and privacy must be respected.

First the audio of the Prime Minister’s office was released, now the videos of the people. The morality of this society is being destroyed

پرویز رشید کی وڈیو شاید اس لئے لیک کی گئی تا کہ جب اصلی ہدف یعنی پی ٹی آئی کو نشانہ بنایا جائے تو شک کا دائرہ وسیع رہے۔ ویسے بھی اعظم سواتی کہ معاملے پر بہت تھو تھو ہو رہی ہے۔
اور ایسا ہی وزیراعظم ہاؤس کی لیکس میں ہوا۔ دونوں طرف کی لیکس کے بعد اُسے کسی نجی گروہ کی سازش کہا گیا۔
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The video of Pervaiz Rasheed was probably leaked so that the scope of suspicion would be wider when the real target i.e. PTI was targeted. However, Azam Swati is making a lot of fuss about the matter.
And this is what happened in the PM House leaks. After leaks from both sides, it was called a conspiracy by a private group.

While many websites blurred the objectionable activity of Pervaiz Rashid to release it.

Sen. Pervaiz Rasheed's vulgar Viral Video Call with Girl that was leaked

Sen. Pervaiz Rasheed's vulgar Viral Video Call with Girl that was leaked

Sen. Pervaiz Rasheed's vulgar Viral Video Call with Girl that was leaked

Sen. Pervaiz Rasheed's vulgar Viral Video Call with Girl that was leaked

Days after PTI leader Azam Swati’s personal video leaked, the development occurred.

Although the PML-N or Pervaiz Rasheed have not yet released an official statement, reactions to the alleged video are flooding the Twitter timeline.

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