Selena Gomez fans fume after Justin Bieber’s throwback photo with Hailey Baldwin

Selena Gomez fans fume after Justin Bieber's throwback photo with Hailey Baldwin

While Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been melting hearts after their throwback post from their first meeting years ago, the picture did not sit well with fans of the singer’s ex-flame Selena Gomez.

The 26-year-old ‘Baby’ singer had earlier shared a picture with his now-wife Hailey Baldwin from the time they first met and while many couldn’t help but gush over their romance, there were many Selena fans who were nothing but furious for having their pinup’s relationship with the singer get disregarded.

“My wife and I 🙂 where it all began,” he had captioned the photo.

Soon after, the uproar was unleashed as fans still hung up on Jelena questioning why Selena was getting disrespected.

“I just don’t understand the level of disrespect. How can you post a throwback photo with your wife, but that picture was taken while you were dating someone else and be like “where it all began”? That’s just the thing with men that I just can’t understand. Cute but disrespectful,” one user.

“Hahaha…where it all…excuse me…still remember this time you so obsess with @selenagomez right?? Do you remember when you admit you have a crush on @selenagomez,” another user said.

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